National Soil Hack


The National Soil Hack in Wageningen, an initiative of the Soil Coalition consisting of a.s.r., Vitens and Rabobank, took place in November 2018. Goal: Smart collaboration and optimal use of soil data to map and monitor the quality of agricultural soil and water systems in the Netherlands.

The central question for the Soil Hack:

How do we develop an integrated measuring instrument with which we can optimally improve soil quality in the Netherlands? monitoring, so that all soils in the Netherlands will be managed sustainably by 2030?

Complex soil system
This two-day hackaton was organized by Farmhack. Josien, co-founder, explains why she opted for a hackaton: “This field is characterized by many different players and interests and an enormous complexity around the soil. So just reasoning and talking and thinking do not really help you. You have to do something, then you have something tangible and you can develop from there on. The hackaton is a very good means to bring many different parties together and to come up with solutions in a practical mode.

Josien asked Petra de Boer from Perspectivity to enrich the previously developed hackaton concept with new dialogue methods, based on her experience with Large Scale Interventions and Scrum, and to co-facilitate the two-day event.

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