New Intern: Get to know Hanna

My name is Johanna Ulseth. I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree at SIT (School for International Training) in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management, a flexible, self-designed program that allowed me to take classes on a wide range of topics. Some of my favorite courses included Training Design for Experiential Learning, Practitioner’s Inquiry (Qualitative Research), Adult Education, Social Justice & Education in Multilingual Contexts and Cross-cultural counseling.

Prior to my studies, I worked as an ESL/ EFL instructor for children and adults in Mexico, Guatemala, South Korea and my hometown, Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a teacher, I loved working with students to create meaningful and dynamic lessons to engage everyone in the learning process.

All of these different experiences allowed me to build relationships with, collaborate and learn from a diverse group of people, and fulfilled my love and curiosity of different places, perspectives and cultures. My different educational roles have taught me a great deal, while simultaneously invigorating me to pursue a career in the non-profit spectrum.

My internship here at Perspectivity will focus on learning how to use Sprockler in order to carry out an Impact Evaluation for Hotel con Corazón, a social enterprise that funds different educational programs for children in rural areas outside of Granada, Nicaragua. I am very excited to learn about this creative methodology that allows stakeholders to share their stories and their own meaning of their experiences. During my time at Perspectivity, I also hope to learn from my colleagues about the other tools, techniques, and frameworks that are used to facilitate workshops, connect people and promote positive change.

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