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Meetings that Matter

In organisations that are constantly in flux and where (almost) everything influences each other, regular alignment is crucial. But are all those hours spent in meeting rooms really that productive?

Are we talking about the things that really matter? Does this lead to insights that you otherwise wouldn’t arrive at? Do you leave the room with more energy than when you entered?

Meetings that matter
Perspectivity designs and facilitates work meetings for both small teams as well as for large multi-stakeholder groups up to 100 people. Whether this is about a session of a few hours or multiple days, the art is to focus on collective results and creating the right flow. We carefully construct every session: because every work format and each 15 minutes have their own purpose.

Common ground
A fruitful meeting brings the knowledge of diverse participants together and offers sufficient space for each participant to feel heard. We help the group to search for common ground, which is the foundation for shaping the desired future as a collective. In this, we aim for self-management, so that participants can take step-by-step more responsibility for the result. We pay attention to the head (analysis, discussion, brain work), as well as the heart (creativity, emotions, awareness).

Change the world, one meeting at the time – Marvin Weisbord & Sandra Janoff

Even if the meeting deals with issues on a high level of abstraction such as ambitions or strategies, we always end a work session with clear agreements on the next steps: ‘Who will do what when?’ And in case requested, we also deliver a lively report with text and images.

Since Autumn 2015, Petra de Boer frequently guides team meetings at Oikocredit International in Amersfoort. Such as: the kick-off of the new Investor Relations & Social Performance team, various meetings with the communications team in Amersfoort and of the Support Associations all over Europe, strategy meeting with the worldwide Capacity Building team and the project kick-off with the New Financial Product Development Team.

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