Participation in the Climate Active City

Inhabitants, companies and government of the ClimateActive City in Twente are working together to preserve the quality of life in their residential area, which is being put under pressure by climate change. An issue that shows all the characteristics of ‘complexity’. This is asking for methods that allow for the emergence of innovative solutions.

Susan Lijzenga, project leader of KAS of the Water Authorities Vechtstromen in Almelo, asked Perspectivity to facilitate an inspirational meeting about participation in the climate active city.

Perspectivity designed the programme and took care of the introduction. On the agenda:

  • Is it complicated or complex? – Why complex issues cannot be solved with blueprints  
  • ‘Tragedy of the commons’ – Behaviour in a climate active city 

Perspectivity showed the participants in an attractive way what if feels like to work with complex problems.

The workshops that followed were facilitated by Natuur en Milieu Overijssel, Lab van Troje, Tuinbranche Nederland, MIBESA and Perspectivity.

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