Partnering with CADER for Leaders and Followers programme in Middle East

Perspectivity piloted with the ‘Inspiring Leaders and Talented Followers’ training in the Middle East and Gulf States. In this co-production with CADER 20 people participated from organisations including Zain, Arab Bank, Aramex, Nuqul Group, UNWRA, Hikma and CADER

CADER, Change Agent for Development and Educational Reform, has been a long term Perspectivity partner that is known for its innovate training concepts. Their programs are creative, interactive and apply many principles of brain-centered learning. They acquired this approach partly through their collaboration with Perspectivity, which dates back to 2007.

Unique about this agreement is that it is not based on traditional profit-sharing, but that it applies ‘appreciative valuation’. This means that financial arrangements are based on a variety of qualitative judgements, including: lead, expertise, adjudgement, joy and credibility.