Perspectivity Community Learning Event 20 Mei

20 May at 1 – 2:30 PM CET
Deep Democracy online teaser: how we work towards an inclusive democracy in these times?

Another Community event is coming up in May! This time we will explore a relevant topic through the Deep Democracy method, an inclusive decision making process where all voices, states of awareness, and frameworks of reality are important.

The topic will be: “What do you think about the state of our democracy at the moment (globally or nationally)?”
Current challenges demand response from our governments. These responses vary per nation, from lack of action, inspirational approaches to autocratic and oppressive measures. More and more emergency laws are enacted to tackle the crisis. Some governments abuse emergency measures. What do these developments mean for democracy? And in what kind of democratic society do we wish to live?

During the session you will get a short introduction to Deep Democracy and how it can work. We will do this virtually, so those familiar with Deep Democracy will also get a glimpse of how this can be facilitated online.

We will start at 1 PM CET and the session ends around 2:30 PM CET. We will stay online for another half an hour to answer any questions you might have.

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