Perspectivity Fest a great success!

Last Saturday, on 3 November, the Perspectivity Fest took place at the circular economy playground BlueCity in Rotterdam. It attracted a very mixed crowd of people. Together, we started the day listening to the unique story of Sabine Biesheuvel and the founding of BlueCity, followed by a playful session on movement, sound and complexity by Maarten Rienks.

Participants also came up with ‘burning questions’ surrounding complexity and transition, such as how to scale up from smaller initiatives to an irreversible transition? How we can ensure that democracy is not hollowed out from the inside? As well as, a more fundamental question that was raised: why does complexity exist?

During the day, participants had the chance to attend several inspiring workshops and talks. They could experience the Deep Democracy method for including the minority voice in decision-making, hear more about how the ocean can be a big opportunity to reverse climate change, understand more about the hurdles and opportunities for upscaling circular products, learn the 9 building blocks for complexity through the case of Debt Relief in Amsterdam and own cases, as well as, embody change and transition through movement, just to name a few!

A big thank you to all who participated and contributed to the Perspectivity Fest! A special thanks to all the facilitators for their contributions and those who partly funded the Fest through CoBudget.

Some impressions from participants:

What we experienced today is that complex behaviour leads to emerging patterns. The drumming with sticks showed us an emerging melody, random walking or running about does -after sometime- create distinctive patterns. In other words, complexity – different from chaos – is inherently creative.


Know whether an issues is complex or complicated. If complicated, transition is not needed. If complex, it is probably needed. Always keep the building blocks for navigating complexity in your back pocket.

The second edition of the Perspectivity Fest is planned on the 9th of November 2019. More information will follow soon.

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