Perspectivity Fest – Sneak Preview of the Programme

At the Perspectivity Fest, we invite you to slow down with us. Together, we will explore different ways to change our inner-outer perspective. In collective explorations and interactive workshops, you will be inspired, learn new techniques and gain insights about how you can boost change.

We do so in an intimate setting at the lovely surroundings of the Natura 2000 flood plains in Wageningen. There is no schedule, no time to worry about. Just be there with an open agenda, open mind and open heart. We start at 10 am and close the day with some drinks at 4 pm.


Restorative Circles by Charlotte Keijzer
Charlotte will be facilitating a restorative circle. During this session we embrace conflict as an opportunity for transformation. Only if we slow down and take time to really listen and really be heard we are able to recognise the underlying aspects of the conflict, to reconnect to those involved and to let solutions emerge.

Social presencing theatre by Monique Janmaat
Social presencing theater is a collection of methods that builds on Theory U and aims to strengthen the awareness of the (social) body.

Through SPT, one slows down and the intelligence that comes with that can be used to clarify complex situations and discover new solutions. As the founder Arawana Hayashi says: “SPT is a tool to notice, recognise, feel, see the true potential goodness in the situation or challenge in a team, organisation, or system. SPT does for the collective what mindfulness does for an individual.”

Active hope, a method for regeneration by Marjolein Kok
“The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world.” – Joanna Macey

During this workshop ‘taster’ session, we will learn more about the methodology of active hope. We will explore how we can find active hope and support a regenerative society. How can we face the complexities we are in, without going crazy? How can we stand still and to awaken to beauty? And how can we allow inspired and rooted action to emerge?

The introductory session into active hope is interactive and engages participants to work together through physical and sensory exercises, allowing deep listening, slowing down, creative expression and ritual.

#Metoo & Integrity on the work floor by Anna Kogut 
In this workshop, we will examine in close detail one typical #metoo situation that happened to a female consultant while doing an oversees assignment.

The goal of this workshop is to slow down, view one specific scene (with help of role play) in detail from all perspectives. With help of participants, we gather collective wisdom of how the situation could have been dealt with differently by the story’s protagonist – the female consultant wanting to act with integrity but failing at it. What can we do differently? Come find out.

More information about other workshops will follow next week. 

We will also have a kids corner and various other creative and ‘offline’ spaces for you to explore during the day.

Come join us and recharge yourself on 9 November!

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