Perspectivity goes in circles

Inspired by Holacracy, a governance system for self steering, Perspectivity is experimenting with a new form of organising ourselves: in circles. What does this imply?

A circle is formed around a purpose domain, like Vitality or Innovation. A small group of people take up specific responsibilities for matters that contribute to the purpose of that circle.

The following circles are already active:

  • Outreach for visibility – to make our actions and impact visible in the world.
  • Vitality – to guard and guide our personal development, finances, newcomers, retreats and quality of our meetings.
  • Innovation – to drive continuous renewal of what we do and how we do it.

Right now we are exploring the transformation of existing structures into circles. For example:

  • Turn the Network Board into the Perspectivity Community Circle.
  • Turn Game Management into the Challenge Circle. This includes everyone who is committed to organising game sessions, such as game coordinators, game leaders and trainers. Each circle member will take on specific responsibilities like promotion, game development, organising open game or train-the-trainer sessions, or nurturing the game leaders community.

Are you interested in joining an existing circle or setting up a new one to build the Perspectivity ‘gedachtegoed’, let’s do it.