Perspectivity in Dublin Gets Deep and Meaningful with International Futures Forum

In January 2015 Michael Donnelly ran an all-day open game session in Dublin, Ireland with 24 participants. The day was built around a theme: Dealing with Complexity in Post-Recession Ireland. The morning session involved playing the game with a detailed de-brief and the afternoon session involved a wide-ranging exploration of the theme.

The afternoon session was run in conjunction with International Futures Forum. Graham Leicester and Tony Hodgson who are based in Scotland both attended along with Denis Stewart from Northern Ireland. You can find out more about the work of IFF at

International Futures Forum
IFF’s international clan is a diverse group of individuals with different perspectives, disciplines, expertise, life experience and so on. The group meets as a learning community as often as possible, including in plenary session.

Participants at the Dublin Game session were diverse – from community, academic, professional, local authority, and consulting organisations. The theme of the conversations and the exploration evolved into looking at the impact on each person of working with complexity. Despite the diverse backgrounds and interests, each person connected in a very human way based on what they personally experience and what they bring to this work.

As a result of the connections made on the day, a follow-up session has been organised to take place in the first week in April.