Perspectivity in LEF Rijkswaterstaat’s facilitators poule

Perspectivity partner Elien Rogaar became part of the LEF poule of facilitators of Rijkswaterstaat, the executive organ of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management.

The LEF Future Centre of Rijkswaterstaat is specialised in creating breakthroughs and new ways of thinking in mainly social issues. LEF facilitates group sessions commissioned by governments. The sessions support group processes and aim to create new patterns of thinking and behaviour. At the point where processes stagnate or where large changes have to happen.

LEF came into existence in 2008 and started a tender procedure at the beginning of 2018 to compile a new poule of facilitators. From the many applicants and after many selection rounds, Elien has been selected as one of the 10 senior facilitators in the poule, a group of interesting and varied expertise and experience.

The LEF Future Center is a unique, inspiring and process supporting environment with advanced audiovisual facilities, including movable walls, triggering design elements and a 270° theater.

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