Perspectivity in Toronto

Hello, my name is Manpreet Kaur Juneja. The first time I played the Perspectivity Climate challenge in India, I spent whole evening thinking and reflecting upon my game. Although I started my game with a very noble aim to be clean and green, the crisis changed me and my morals. My survival instinct overshadowed my noble self. Evil urge to win or the least “not lose”, made me play mean and selfish. The Perspectivity Challenge has a power to really push you towards the edge and see the world from the other side, makes you realise the reasons why the world is where it is today. It has a power to initiate inspired dialogues and facilitate learning through self-reflection.

My own experience while playing Perspectivity challenge, not only changed my perspective towards Climate but also towards the concept competition and act of winning. I decided to share it with others so as to inspire a change in mindsets.

I moved to Toronto, Canada in Sept 2015 to start my Masters in Strategic Foresights and Innovation at Ontario College of Arts and Design University (OCAD U). The focus of my Masters Program is on using Design thinking and other tools to solve complex world problems. During one of the discussions with my faculty I mentioned about the Game and saw great enthusiasm from one of my professors to learn more about it.

On the morning of December 17th, 2015, we scheduled to host The Perspectivity Climate Challenge, as an ice-breaker for a group of 6 Graduate students including Professor Nabil Harfoush at Social Innovation Lab. As much as I was excited, I was also a bit nervous to facilitate the session as it was the beginning of a new Chapter in Canada. I was curious to see the reactions from the team of socially and environmentally conscious students and professor from OCADU. The game started with each team member being careful of their moves in the game. They were all equally thrilled to see the results after each round. As the game progressed, I saw people changing their strategies, the crisis gave rise to competition. It was fun to watch my professor who started the game acting all serious and in-control of his acts and no sooner than later one could see a child within him wanting to win.

Each one of the team player was amazed by the results and their individual performances. They all loved the debriefing and contributed extensively to share their insights, which made the whole experience valuable. The success of this first session, marked the beginning of many more inspiring sessions to be hosted in Canada in the year 2016. We have already announced our next session with the League of Intrapreneurs, Canada.

2016 for Perspectivity, Toronto seems promising and full of opportunities.