Perspectivity interns at International City Podium

On 11th November 2014, Perspectivity took part in a fascinating event – International City Podium in New Babylon Business Center (The Hague). Our interns took the flyers, the game and the banners to enthusiastically showcase Perspectivity to the audience. It was a great succes with numerous follow-ups after the event. The main idea of the ICP was creation of a platform for bringing together event visitors and 30 different national and international employers. This interconnection was meant to broaden people’s perspectives, and to throw light on new opportunities and social connections, in order to stimulate the international labor force market in the Hague city. The event was based on understanding of dynamics of cross-cultural competences, the potential power of ambition, personal branding, and social entrepreneurship in the business environment of The Hague.

Perspectivity, represented by a batch of interns, obtained the opportunity to get engaged with people from 80 different nationalities starting from students and ending up with professionals. We have gotten the chance to explore prospective collaboration potentials, as well as we had a great opportunity to spread a word about our company and provide description of our products. The display of our products, such as the Perspectivity Game, the Perspectivity Views, and the mobile application peaked curiosity of visitors, and their reaction was very positive and assuring. We carried out numerous conversations on how our services encourage people to embrace the complexity in cultural diversity and global challenges, and how different perspectives are used in order to reach sustainability in society and in organizations. We are happy to have taken part in such a remarkable afternoon filled with wisdom, passion and creativity, and, moreover, to be able to inspire people to climb the ladder to success.