Perspectivity Network Event

“When you are stressed and nervous before a presentation, what can you tell yourself to get a better hand of the situation?

Tell yourself, or better yet, imagine, visualise the following: Firstly, ‘You are welcome’. Secondly, imagine your competence being seen and valued: ‘You are competent’.
Thirdly and lastly: imagine being liked, just for who you are…

Now put these 3 visuals together and see if you are still nervous or maybe (less) anxious?

Norbert Netten is an expert on how to present and what psychology is beneath the dynamic of us as individuals, standing before a group.

On 25th march, a beautiful spring day, we gathered with the Network members, to listen to Norbert on his method and take on presenting. We learned that the art of presenting, funnly enough, did not change for the last 2000 years!

According to Norbert we have to incorporate new ways into our ‘presentation’ model. His suggestion is to enhance presenting with the power of dialogue. And of course you can see why Norbert wanted to come to Perspectivity to try us on this one! The day was well spent with dynamic exercises and some exercises in presenting. For more information on Norbert and his method Speechwell, you can visit: