Perspectivity Network meets Knowmads

The Perspectivity Network invited Knowmads to facilitate its quarterly Network Event. In a full-day programme, four Knowmads tribe members took us through an action-learning experience to introduce us to their education philosophy.

Knowmads is an alternative business school for change makers from all over the world located in Amsterdam. Saturday February 7 the Perspectivity Network event was prepared and facilitated by four Knowmads students. Over 20 people joined at the Hoorneboeg in Hilversum.

The students presented a varied programme with lots of interaction. To step out of our comfort zone we played a Samurai game and made a complete fool out of ourselves. We made drawings of each other without looking at the paper – and asked personal questions. We connected by looking each other in the eyes and talked while standing in a circle, an ancient and powerful form that serves to share on the basis of equality.

The day ended with a World Café, where people move from one conversation to another, discovering professional challenges, obstacles and limiting beliefs.

Sometime later this spring, Perspectivity will organize a learning experience for Knowmads in return.