Perspectivity takes over Dublin in July – and you’re invited

We would love to have you with us in Dublin to learn how to bring the whole system together to solve complex issues together.

Most leaders today are confronted with two challenges: the reality of the increasing complexity of the world around them, and the demands on them as leaders to navigate this successfully.

Increasingly vocal stakeholders, impacts from events far away, larger networks of influence, and a greater sense of not being in control can present a reality that can be exhilarating but it can also be tiring, frustrating, and disruptive. And, it affects all in the organization. Why are we surprised that anxiety levels are high? While there is no single right response, there are insights and skills that you can learn that overturn conventional responses and give you more, not less, control in leading in today’s world.

Over the past two decades Sandra Janoff and her colleague Marvin Weisbord have created process and principles that have changed the fortunes of thousands of organisations across the world. They specialise in enabling large groups to mobilise together to discover their common ground – what everyone is able, willing and ready to do. This is a magical experience that has been experienced by groups all over the world in human development, business, health sectors, public policy, and thousands of others.

Three events in Dublin offer you the chance to become an expert practitioner, to spend time with other leaders in exploring how your own behaviours can transform your effectiveness to thrive in complexity. Leaders and practitioners are visiting from across the world.

Sandra Janoff, co creator of Future Search leads each course. To find out more and to sign up for a unique life-changing course visit

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