Perspectivity’s link to Brein Centraal Leren instituut (BCLinstituut)

How to design inspiring and sticky training courses and workshops? Perspectivity continuously searches for innovative and creative ways of learning that make learning both sustainable and joyful. Brain knowledge offers trainers and facilitators insight in how to design and facilitate interventions that stay. The essence of the brain principles that help you make learnings stick: have a clear focus, build on existing knowledge, use emotion, include repetition, make your training sensory rich and provide ample opportunity to create. Curious to understand more? 

Han(ne) followed several courses at the BCLinstituut and became enthusiastic.

Nowadays Han always checks during design and delivery of training courses and workshops if the brains are well taken care of, if there is enough freedom of choice and if the status of all participants is not threatened. In December she became an Associate at the BCLinstitute. In 2016 Han will facilitate sessions that will definitely be “brain proof”.