Progress report interns at Perspectivity: Thekla

Hi all! After 3 months of internship at Perspectivity it is about time that I introduce myself. I am Thekla van Lingen, 23 years of age and since February I have been travelling from Wageningen to The Hague every week to work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Spaces.

Last December I finished my Free Bachelor at Wageningen University, in which I focussed on climate change, sustainability and education. Yes, I was able to completely design my own study programme, and I really enjoyed this flexibility and freedom! Before continuing with a Master’s Programme, I felt like doing something more practical, which was the reason for me to apply for an internship at Perspectivity.

I especially felt attracted to Perspectivity because of their focus on complexity (sustainability is a very complex issue) and dialogue. I have had some great experiences with dialogue and feel that it would be great to learn more about it.

So, what did I do during the past few months at Perspectivity? A little research on dialogue and debate showed me that both are important, but that the open attitude of dialogue is often missing in debates. I have been involved in finishing the development of some new games that was started by other interns. Furthermore, I have been involved in the organisation of the Learning Exchange that took place in April.

When I am not at Perspectivity, I enjoy living in a yurt (a round tent made in Mongolia), play korfball, practice Non-Violent Communication, learn about permaculture, hitchhike through Europe, read many books in the train and do many more things.

I will be with Perspectivity until the summer at least and hope to meet you at the network event or another Perspectivity occasion!