Q&A on CoBudget

To find out more about the current status of the CoBudget initiative, we had a Q&A session with Monique Janmaat:

Hey Monique, which bucket ideas are there already? 

“There are currently three ideas:

  • Lego bricks to start doing Serious Lego Play
  • A Perspectivity Challenge app that can be used by game leaders of any of our Challenges for a couple of things: 1. to register names and scores of sessions, 2. to collect online feedback from participants who can log-in to the app during the debrief, 3. to enable the creation of a community of those who have played the game, allowing updates through the app/website.
  • An animation to spread the word on our research tool Sprockler to a wider audience”

I put in €100 and now I can invest $750, how does this work? 

“For this pilot the Perspectivity Enterprise and Network have also put money in. This amount is distributed among all members who have signed up for this pilot.”

I have a plan, can I still join and what now? 

“Yes, you can still join with your plan, we are in need of good ideas, so please e-mail to monique.janmaat@perspectivity.org and you will receive an invitation for Cobudget.”

I want to invest too, is that still possible? 

“You can not invest anymore in this pilot round. The pilot will end 30 september and we will start a new round which will be announced.”

What is CoBudget again? 

“CoBudget is a collaborative funding initiative for crowds with a purpose. You can propose ideas for investing, you can invest yourself, or do both. The idea is to put money in the middle, decide together how to spend it and to collaborate and make stuff happen. The purpose is to invite entrepreneurs with ideas and investors and involve everyone in deciding how to spend our budget in order to:

  • Spread Perspectivity’s philosophy
  • Boost entrepreneurial activity and establish ventures that generate Return Of Investment
  • Experiment with and a develop a model for funding social and economic activity

More info?