Scrum for Productivity

Perspectivity is applying Scrum. Both for our own planning and organisation and for clients.

Scrum is a product development method that has it’s roots in the Software Business. More and more development teams got frustrated by changes in the environment and changes in the customer demands during the actual product development. Linear planning did not work anymore, deadlines were not met, customers beining dissatisfied. Scrum enables a development team to produce working products in short cycled product sprints. Keeping in contact with customer and ever changing environment.

One recent successful Scrum experience  concerned a joint Camper-owners group:
Last week a group of joint Camper-owners fixed all of the most important issues on their retro Volkswagen Camper using Scrum-methodology for their 3-day Camper event.
By introducing Scrum they were able to double their productivity compared to last years event. Moreover, they set feasible tasks and were focussed on fixing the things that added most value for all users, setting less important things aside.

In the coming months a new project is planned with the North-sea Foundation organizing the National Clean-up day.