Shaping team ambitions and action plans together

“How do we realise an agile P&C team and how do we optimally contribute to strategic planning and control at Noorderpoort?”

That is the central question for the Planning & Control (P&C) team of Noorderpoort, a large regional educational centre (ROC) in Groningen. The team works throughout the region and wants to shape their new team ambition plan together.

In two sessions of 2.5 days in total, the team of eight professionals researches:

  • Success factors from the past and wishes for the future
  • Actual trends that influence Noorderpoort and the work of the P&C team
  • Prouds and sorries about current activities
  • Future scenarios and shared ambitions
  • Frustrations within the team
  • Action plans for the future

Petra de Boer designs and facilitates the workshop based on the Future Search philosophy.

In a series of practical exercises and diverse working methods, the team works in plenary and in subgroups. In this way, a shared image of the present and the future of the department is created. Based on this, long-term ambitions and concrete, short-term action plans are designed.

More information about team work: