South-Limburg Connects Leaders, Ideals and Actions

Inspiring and connected, those are the feelings that prevail at the end of the two-day Nightingales Future Search that took place in South-Limburg.

52 Limburg leaders -including student, politicians, CEO’s and artists, gathered in Castle Vaalsbroek to engage in an open a dialogue. The enormous diversity was a source of inspiration to formulate a shared visions and joined actions.

The seven statements describe the shared basis for the future of the region.

1. Infrastructure & Scale
We are a borderless region with an optimum physical infrastructure.
The administrative authority is geared to facilitate this.
We have access to the latest information technologies.

2. Quality of Life
We feel comfortable in our homes, neighborhood, city and region. We have an open mind, to our environment and to others. Healthy and vital is our motto. We want and continue to develop and evolve. We enjoy all that our environment has to offer and take along an active part in the further development of the quality of our collective society.

3. Quality of People
We have an open mind and take responsibility for health, best possible education, having a creative, entrepreneurial and we participate optimally!

4. Technology and Innovation
Plus manufacturing
We are a region that has technological excellence through synergy between education, SMEs and large companies. In Beta-valley we homegrow technology into products in the field of life sciences and material sciences.

5. Education as a Learning Incubator
With continuous pathways
Government, education and business in South Limburg are excellent and result oriented breeding grounds where students at all stages of development, society and industry meet, inspire and learn from each other. Together we break down institutional boundaries, create networks and organize flow within education.

6. Open Society
Immigration, blue card and differences
A region that borders 6km to the Netherlands and 220 km to the rest of Europe, the world as a playground.
South Limburg needs more people badly: hands-on, brains for Brainport 2020.
We are an open society in 2020: boundless curiosity, opportunities for all ‘from Aken till Angola’ who strengthen our society.

7. Collaborative Communities with Servant Leadership
We are connecting leaders that encourage and support that people take responsibility for and collaborate on common tasks.

On this basis concrete actions were formulated, the first of which has already been put in motion.