Stakeholder dialogue: Safe swimming in open water Amsterdam

More and more people are swimming in Amsterdam’s open water, but not always safely! The municipality, water board and province want to enable more possibilities to have a safe swim in Amsterdam’s open water.

In February 2016, more than 40 stakeholders from various backgrounds came together for a dialogue to discover the possibilities. Among the stakeholders were: swimmers, local residents, water sport enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, security guards, regulatory authorities, policy makers and politicians.

Perspectivity designs and facilitates the meeting, which takes place at Waternet with a great view on the Amstel. Based on trends and dreams for the future, a shared ambition and short-term actions are formulated. Examples of these actions include more official swimming locations, safer swimming at non-official spots, a real-time swimming water app and a raised awareness about the risks involved.

More info:Zwemblad