Step-by-step innovation: Scrum offers structure and flexibility

You are at the start of a large, new innovation project. The ambition is clear, financing arranged, the team formed and the deadline set. But otherwise pretty much everything is still open. Where do you start and how do you make sure that the project team itself also works innovatively?

It happened to Partos, the Dutch association for NGOs in International Development. Partos will establish the Innovation Hub to engage with members and other stakeholders in the fight against poverty even more effectively.

Agile innovation

Anne-Marie Heemskerk, program coordinator of the Hub, opts for a radically new form of project management: Scrum. This agile methodology provides a clear structure to create step-by-step value. This makes it possible to respond flexible to ongoing changes throughout the project. She asks Petra de Boer from Perspectivity to guide Partos in this.

The whole Partos team gets familiarized with the basic Scrum principles in a half day training. Subsequently, the Hub team gets to work energetically. They build the backlog, set priorities for the first sprint, formulate definitions of done and identify tasks to complete. Petra provides advice and support as scrum coach.

More information about in-company scrum training or scrum coaching? Contact Petra de Boer.