Stress Nexus Challenge into the Global Stewards programme of University of Maryland

How a the unique learning experience of a Perspectivity challenge session can get back to you as a boomerang…!

Back in October 2015 a group of fellows of the University of Maryland USA were trained to host the Stress Nexus! Challenge in the context of the World Bank program, including topics on Food, Water and Energy, in Washington.

One of the fellows is currently PhD candidate and part of the University of Maryland (UMD) Global STEWARDS Program. She remembered the session of 2015 very well – stating:

“It was a fantastic and fun experience, one which I believe would be valuable to the Global STEWARDS team and their mission to train students in Food Energy Water nexus challenges.”

This program prepares PhD candidates from interdisciplinary UMD programs through hands-on experiences, as well as research, professional development and outreach opportunities. Perspectivity partners with the UMD under license agreement to establish a long term and firm partnership.  Hence, Stress Nexus! was shipped to the US and is currently part of the curriculum!

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