Successfully Guiding Theories of Change in The Netherlands

The alliances of ‘Samen Werkt Het’ (Together It Works) and ‘Iedere Patient is Anders’ (Every Patient is Different) developed their Theories of Change facilitated by Hanne and Lisette and were awarded the highest quality scores of all grants in gender and LGBT equality 2018-2022. With this, they become strategical partners for the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science for the coming 5 years. This fact was celebrated in May.

Hanne and Lisette guided the alliances in analysing the context of those involved, in formulating the shared ambitions and coming to mutually reinforcing activities. Next to that, they worked at forging vital connections as alliance and arriving at decisions that value the wisdom of the minority. In short, Perspectivity’s Complexity Navigator in action!

Hanne and Lisette also provided feedback on the plans in progress. Hanne and Lisette both work with Deep Democracy and train and guide civil societies organisations frequently in creating their theories of change.

Both alliances are now planning their yearly interventions in order to strongly improve gender equality at the workplace and in the division of work-care tasks, especially for vulnerable women. Lobby, advocacy, training and campaigns will be further developed to tackle this in the coming 5 years.

Samen Werkt Het – Together It Works 

The alliance of ‘Samen Werkt Het’ aims to break through stereotypes and to improve the position of women and men on the labour market in the area of income and unpaid care tasks. They specifically aim to reach financially vulnerable groups of women; women for who a weak position on the labour market in combination with unpaid care tasks forms an important obstacle to participating in paid labour and reaching economic independence. The alliance consists of WomenInc, NVR, Clara Wichamn, WO=MEN and Movisie.

Iedere Patient is Anders – Every Patient is Different

The alliance ‘Iedere Patient is Anders’ works to promote gender and LGBT equality in health care, in integral health care where the right diagnosis is made independently of gender and sexual identity, knowing that symptoms of disease (such as a heart attack) as well as medication can have different effects on the different genders. Knowing also that LGBT and the genders are sometimes in need of different health care. This alliance is comprised of WomenInc, Rutgers and CoC.

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