The Barometer is Taking Shape

In North-East India, the Women in Government Network are at the forefront of sharing their first results of the development of the Barometer for Women’s Peace and Security. The Barometer is a process that is initiated by Cordaid‘s Women Leadership for Peace and Security Unit.

This is what was shared from the women in Manipur:

“Women’s security barometer has no set of definition. It is contextual: from person to person, situation to situation. Sharing security issues amongst women is a healing process, empowering, leading to concern for each others, better understanding of other issues and problems, building trust, strengthen connectivity and gradually having peace of mind. It’s a whole process of peace building and peace keeping. Local women collective can play a key role in peace building through sharing and understanding of their security.

For example: While sharing issues of women’s mobility by the local women, we learned that vulnerability depends on age, person, situation, place, etc. While it may be safe for the mother to move alone in the locally/town after 5 pm in the evening it is not safe for her young teenage girl at the same time. However, for the same mother who safely walks in the dark in her village or hometown, she is not safe for her to move around bigger cities in broad day light but still safer for her young teenage girl. Increase and decrease of women security differs with categories of categories.”

Perspectivity feels proud to be part of this initiative where women are enabling themselves to be in dialogue for a better world.

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