The Human Security Game

Perspectivity Enterprisers Han Rakels and Michiel Damoiseaux collaborated with the Human Security Collective (HSC) to develop a new Perspectivity Game: the Human Security Edition.

HSC is a foundation with a strong background in Development, Conflict Transformation and Security. It addresses the asymmetric character of decision-making in the domain of security by ensuring multi-stakeholder engagement, and protect and expand the operational and political space of civil society.

The new game puts decision-makers in the dilemma of using hard security (intelligence, police, military forces) or soft security (diplomacy, negotiation, dialogue), in order to build a secure society. As leaders they endeavor to increase their scope of power and influence, which is represented by their constituency in civil society. The game touches on many current issues and connects local human security with global security, including the role of civil society on security agendas and conflict prevention. It faces you with the question how to enables governments to build meaningful and trustful engagement and partnership with civil society on security matters. The game is currently in production and ready for use to help make our world a more secure place