The Perspectivity Story of Anne

In October 2014 I started at Perspectivity as an intern. Having recently graduated in Anthropology of Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, I was looking for a place where the abstract ideas I had been studying would be applied in practice. From what I gathered, Perspectivity could be that kind of place and I decided to give it a shot.

Being an intern at Perspectivity definitely allowed me to get this practical experience. I worked on a lot of interesting projects, including the development of the Sprockler storytelling research tool. I had a great time and it was a lot of fun working closely together with the other interns.

Perspectivity taught me more about the world of today and what it needs. One of the things I learned was the effect of our own behaviour on the change we want to see happening in the world. In our continuously changing world, cause and effect are more difficult to monitor and it is therefore more important to be aware of our own behaviour.

Young Perspectivity
After five months of being an intern, it turned out that there was still much more for me to do. Together with all the Enterprise partners we decided to start the Young Perspectivity pool, where young professionals have the opportunity to join the Perspectivity Enterprise as junior partners.

It’s been two months since that decision and I am now involved in an even wider variety of Perspectivity’s projects. Working here is a really nice challenge. I am actively engaged in topics I feel passionately about and get to experience working as a consultant in this field. Also, I really like being a part of a network of people who collectively and enthusiastically work on causes they care about.

From my background in anthropology and huge fascination with languages, I am especially interested in fostering understanding between people. Through words – by writing, editing and translating – but also by helping people understand each other to create a more inclusive and sustainable world. I hope to work on many more projects and I am looking forward to meeting more of you in the future to share ideas!