The Perspectivity Story of Sarabhjit Kaur

A newly purchased clock asked the grandfather clock on the opposite wall “How long have you been here grandpa clock? It answered “I’ve been here for 20 years.” “Oh! Then to do the same I’ll have to tick 20×365×24×60×60=630720000 times!”, exclaimed the new clock. And immediately it stopped ticking!”

Mr. Krishnamurthy, my high school math teacher, always said that we should dream big; but then break that big dream into small goals, then into micro-mini goals. And then take one, like the grandfather clock. That is how all big dreams are achieved. I believe that the same is applicable for Sustainable Development. This is why I developed a strong interest and connection with Perspectivity. I truly believe that Perspectivity helps individuals and groups harness their collective power of creativity, passion and wisdom, and contributes incrementally, yet powerfully, towards a more sustainable future.

My name is Sarabhjit Kaur, and I am a Mechanical Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, with an MBA in Finance and Strategy from INSEAD (France/Singapore). I have lived and worked in in Asia, Middle East, Europe and (now) the US.

I first heard about Perspectivity in 2013 through my husband Jaspreet Singh (then my fiancé), who had founded the India Chapter. However, I first participated in a Perspectivity game session in 2015, when he organized a workshop in Houston. The workshop gave me a profound insight into my own behaviour and interactions in my personal and professional lives. There was no looking back. Today, I assist Jaspreet in conducting workshops and expanding the Perspectivity network in the US.

I hope to continue working with Perspectivity and slowly, but surely, bring about incremental change in the world around us!