The smartest neighbourhood in the Netherlands

Photo of a man standing in front of a projector screen

During a hybrid online/offline workshop on the 28th of October, an initiative by UNSense for a new neighbourhood in Helmond was on the agenda. A neighbourhood where the digital energy transition also touches upon the transition of services and data around the household. How do you do this in a fair, inclusive and democratic way?

The question
One of the use cases that they are working on in Helmond is a project in the energy domain. The houses in the residential area are capable of generating energy and trading it with each other or other neighbourhoods. By sharing data about their energy consumption and generation, they can match supply and demand. A collective surplus of energy can be stored in the neighbourhood battery, so that peak shaving is also possible. And, finally, because the formation of (energy) collectives is stimulated, the residents, as a collective, can take a firm stance towards energy suppliers. They asked the Club van Wageningen to reflect and share their own experiences, facilitated by Perspectivity.

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