Understanding Complexity at Perspectivity Network Event on October 4 / 5

At the upcoming Perspectivity Network Event we will be taken on a journey into complexity. The program is hosted by Han Rakels, who will help us to discover ánd experience what it means to understand what complexity really is.

The guides on this journey will be Friso Goliga and Dave van Mourik (Senseguide) who closely collaborate with Dave Snowden, author of the award-winning paper in Harvard Business Review on what he calls the Cynefin framework (also the most cited paper on leadership in 2011). Expect to be exposed to Cynefin, butterfly stamping, narrative research, sensemaker software, and other cutting edge stuff.

The event is open for members as well as non-members of the network.

More information or want to join? Send a mail to: info@perspectivity.org