(EN) Women on the Frontline (WoF) in the Middle East and Northern Africa

Perspectivity is contributing with passion and compassion to the Women on the Frontline programme of the consortium of Hivos, Oxfam, PwC and IWPR. We feel inspired and challenged to contribute to achieving impact with this programme in such a complex environment.

Many countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa are facing conflict, extremism, repression and polarisation. Despite this, many women still work hard every day to build an inclusive society based on peace, equality and human rights. The WoF programme supports young women organisations to be active leaders and build peace. Their message is loud and clear: lasting peace and democratic change is not possible without women.

This autumn Han(ne), Lisette and Han have assisted the consortium of the Women on the Frontline programme to develop a theory of change. They were also invited to write a concept note for the second phase of the programme.  We feel proud to contribute to this challenging programme.

In April this year Lisette and Han(ne) have facilitated a workshop on sustainable activism for the same programme. A touching film about this event is ready.