Anne van Marwijk


I am one of Perspectivity’s new junior partners of the Enterprise’s Young Perspectivity Pool. I have a background in Anthropology and Development Studies. I have lived in countries such as Mexico, the United Kingdom, Tanzania and am currently based in Amsterdam.

From my background in anthropology and huge fascination with languages, I am especially interested in creating understanding between people. Through words in the sense of writing, reporting, editing and translating but also in the sense of helping people understand each other to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.

I started at Perspectivity as an intern in October 2014. I greatly enjoyed my internship and I got to work on a lot of interesting projects with the fun other interns. For example, I co-developed SPROCKLER, an on- and offline storytelling tool that combines quantitative and qualitative data. Further developing and rolling out SPROCKLER is still a big part of the work I do. Next to that I work on a lot of different projects within Perspectivity.