Apostolos Georgiadis

I grew up in Athens, Greece, where I saw through school and developed early perspectives around effortless activities such as chess, astronomy, physics, theatre, debate, skiing, climbing, diving and sailing. I moved to Patras, Greece, where I studied Chemical Engineering, during a period which coincided with fundamental shifts in my perspectives, among which that for our climate (change).

It so happened that Al Gore’s 2006 Inconvenient Truth and the IPCC 2007 Climate Change report became beacons for my shift in course, leading me to pursue an academic research career. I obtained my PhD at Imperial College London, within a larger programme funded by Shell on aspects of carbon capture and storage. I eventually joined Shell, where I continue to work on research, supporting our energy transition through an industrial perspective, and where I’ve had the great luck to attend as a participant one of the first Nexus! sessions facilitated internally by Herman.

I found the engagement so powerful in illustrating the importance of dialogue and collaboration in tackling cross-boundary (or cross-perspective) challenges, delivering at the same time tangible realisations about our global economy dependence on the water-energy-food nexus, that I effortlessly offered my spare energy to support its development further to any extent possible. And I’m glad to have contributed in disseminating the Nexus! through numerous sessions delivered since, even more so now through Perspectivity, eagerly anticipating to Next developments and learning more about the Network and Enterprise.” By actively engaging with different perspectives one can shift their own; and this can happen in an instant! “