Maria Rast

Instead of going to the graduation ceremony of my Master of Law (International Criminal Law and Human Rights), I decided to attend the Perspectivity Network event in November 2014. I was immediately inspired by Perspectivity’s philosophy and, after doing an internship at Perspectivity Enterprise in spring 2015, I have been given the chance to become a part-time junior partner, starting in November 2015. An opportunity I gladly seized. By assisting several Perspectivity partners with their work, I can learn a lot about conducting research and applying the results hereof in complex and diverse organizational settings. Next to working at Perspectivity, I am doing a second master (Sociology) at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where I have also been granted a research fellowship.

Each day, I try to combine and apply the things I have learned from both my studies, my research fellowship and my work at Perspectivity, which has incited my interest in the complex issue of migration. Inspired by all of these activities, my international background and the people around me, I hope that my work and research will contribute to finding sustainable solutions for the challenges we all face in today’s diverse society.