Mark Vavier

With excitement I am joining the Perspectivity community as freelance serious gaming developer. My job will be to improve the sales of the current Challenges and to participate in developing assignments. This I will do one day a week. This far, I have had really inspiring conversations with different Perspectivity members to get to know the organisation.

About me: I love to explore other cultures and to learn from people with different backgrounds. I like (extreme) outdoor activities, playing sports, inviting random people over for dinner or getting competitive around board games. I have got a background in Engineering & Policy Analysis where my passion for serious gaming was born. I see games as powerful tools to start meaningful conversations about complex issues in an engaging way, which appeals to our tendency towards experiential learning. Game design appeals both to my creative and analytical sides. I like to ask the question: ‘What if we could redesign the system?’. After I graduated on serious gaming at an NGO, I worked at an IT consultancy on business simulations and as Subsidy advisor. Currently, I work at an association for the facade industry on innovation projects around circular building.

Because I am interested in global development, sustainability issues, systems thinking, future studies and topics like stakeholder engagement I am looking forward to learn more about Perspectivity, apart from serious gaming. If you want to know more or if you need support in selling game sessions I would like to get in touch.