Martijn Hunter

Hi my name is Martijn Hunter. I am 34 years old, happily married, and a father of two beautiful children. My whole life I have been very technically minded and I have followed, successfully, multiple technical educations with great pleasure. After university I have been working as a Research & Development engineer for various instrumentation suppliers. This is also the part where Perspectivity entered my life via one of the founders Hans Keijzer.

I was working in a small team of only five people and although we were supposed to be a team it certainly didn’t felt so. There was a negative atmosphere with a lot of gossiping and a lack of cooperation. I felt myself victim of the situation and started using Tit for Tat; which actually only worsened the atmosphere (feeling an even bigger victim). At the same time I was re-reading Adam Kahane’s book on solving tough problems and started using it as a guide to see whether I could change my situation at work. One of the things that struck me was the quote “IF YOU’RE NOT PART OF THE PROBLEM, YOU CAN’T BE PART OF THE SOLUTION”.

So one of the things I tried was to treat my team members the way I would like them to treat me. In doing so I found out that being more conscious of my own behaviour I was able to (partially) influence the atmosphere and the behaviour of the team. So I was part of the problem!

This was such an eye opener to me and it made me eager to learn more about these non-technical matters. For me Perspectivity was the place to be and I have been a network member since then.

This experience changed my life significantly for the better and it is still very relevant for everything that I do today. It helps me to deal sustainable with situations at home, in the office, or even when I am doing groceries. By the way a family with two young children can be quite complex from time to time.