Michiel Damoiseaux

My passion is creating environments – both privately and professionally – in which everyone feels safe to learn.

My professional services are versatile.  I offer guidance during the design and implementation of change, putting stakeholder participation and dialogue at the core.  I also have a great deal  of experience with human resource development, both strategic and executive.  I can put HR on the agenda in organisations and I possess the knowledge and skills to help both groups and individual employees to work on their professional development through coaching and training.

I take an open and unprejudiced, yet sharp look at organisations, processes and people. I am mild when it comes to my interactions with people and my aim is to make real contact.

And, last but not least, I am happily married and have a precious daughter.

What other people say about Michiel:

Michiel is a keen professional on the people side of change, effectively dealing with complex content and subtle process dynamics. He is empathic and down to earth. He makes people feel comfortable and at ease, while at the same time challenging them to engage in self-reflection. He is highly aware and open to continuous learning. Thanks to his passion for innovation, he dares to experiment and to work with whatever might emerge in any given situation.

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E: michiel.damoiseaux@perspectivity.org
M: +31 614 282 461
S: michieldamoiseaux