Nele Blommestein

“My name is Nele and I’m proud to be part of the Perspectivity community. I am an independent consultant in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation for Development for three years now. After graduating with an MSc in Information Systems, I have specialised over the years in the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems in complex contexts. I’ve held various positions within the public and international development sectors, such as with War Child Holland and Oxfam Novib. My first job was at IICD, where my colleague Lisette Gast introduced me to the field of M&E.

In the last three years I’ve cooperated with Perspectivity in many ways and with different people such as Lisette, Anne, Han and Tereza. These assignments always entail Sprockler, as I’m an enthusiastic user even since it was a prototype. I started using Sprockler already during my time at Oxfam Novib in 2016 for projects in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Recently, I’ve conducted a Sprockler baseline for a project in Uganda that promotes play-time for children. I often combine Outcome Harvesting with Sprockler, and now I’m focused on developing an Outcome Harvesting module in the Sprockler tool in the near future.”

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