Pieter van den Wall Bake

It was during my student days in 2009 when I learned about the existence of Perspectivity. While studying human geography – in essence, how do groups of people relate to each other (over the earth) – my colleague Sabine told me about a few books she was reading. She found the content of the books extremely interesting and thought the same would apply for me. The way Sabine told about the books was very contagious: full of belief, energetic but most of all spirited.

Eager to learn as I was as a student I directly bought (2nd hand on amazon) the book titles and indulged myself in reading them. I ran through the books and experienced eye-openers after eye-openers each chapter. The words resonated with me – even though I had not really put down my own ideas and beliefs down on paper.

The next time I met Sabine we connected on a deeper level. When rotating shifts during work we talked quickly about the content and which passages of the book struck us most. Needless to say she also mentioned a group of driven individuals – Perspectivity – she was connected to and that she could invite me to a network weekend in Hilversum if I was interested. I definitely was!

I experienced a group of like-minded individuals who all realize that our world is filled with sub-optimal approaches to tackle social problems. I felt that we all wanted to challenge the way we engage with each other.

The environment is one where we learn about communication, diversity and systems. I see the world from a much richer perspective now. I feel connected to a wide range of individuals – all with a different walk of life – but all with the ambition to make something of it. Fuelled by a better understanding of how complex our world is, we want to live, learn and act with impact.