Stig Zandrén

Picture of a man

I am searching for new and creative ways of thinking about basic complex questions. Listening to, using and creating different perspectives is my key to understanding and contributing. Who am I? How do we function – alone and together? What is needed to change mindsets ¬¬– for paradigm shift – on a global level?

My education was in engineering physics with complementary trainings in philosophy, business and human resource. I worked for 20 years as consultant in industrial logistics and for another 20 years as trainer in team and leadership development. Some of the concepts/methods that I have applied over the years are Dialogue, FIRO & The Human Element, The Four Room Apartment of Change and Future Search.

My current focus is on writing and on pushing for the training of life skills in schools, especially social and emotional competence. My published books have the titles Leading Self and Beyond Self. Working title for my next book is Extended Self.