Tereza Herodková

Making it possible for people to connect with themselves. With others. With the context. And with the purpose. This is what I always wanted to do. And what is driving me forward.

I was born in the (later to become) Czech Republic, to the times of societal shift from communism to a liberal society. And I believe that this context has significantly shaped my life. In addition, during my studies of Psychology and of Organizational Change and Consulting, I developed a passion for the field of psychotherapy and leadership, and living in different corners of Europe made me appreciate the beauty of cultural varieties.

All in all, I am fascinated by all the different realities that people live.

And these can be often improved! I deeply believe in the power of self-awareness, in generative dialogue and in the appreciative exploration of others’ worlds.

I work with Perspectivity on different projects as a Young Enterprise member since spring 2018.