Perspectivity Donorship


All good things come to those who make them happen.

-Hans Keijzer, Co-Founder Perspectivity in ‘Walking the Perspectivity Path’

“Those” people have found each other in Perspectivity. To make good things, for the world and for themselves. To ensure continuous support of activities – for and by the Perspectivity network members – and to continue to express the Perspectivity beliefs and practices, the Perspectivity Foundation depends on funds. As a donor you become a member of our Perspectivity community.



Become part of the foundation and a network of change makers, dialogue lovers and social innovators that you will join. As a donor you will receive the Complexity Navigator and the book “Walking the Perspectivity Path”. You will also become a member of our Perspectivity community.

We offer a special introduction price for this year only. The membership annual fee for 2020 is €550,- for a duration of 12 months.

We are exited to engage you in our community! We have launched the Perspectivity community this year to provide more opportunities for engagement and co-creation. As a member of the Perspectivity community you will be part of an international network of change makers, dialogue lovers, social innovators and Perspectivity enthusiasts. And as a donor you get discounts, partake in events and get special access to an online communication platform to exchange ideas, collaborate and
learn together.

So what are you waiting for? All good things come to those who make them happen.