A shared mission, vision and values for Moivaro group

The Moivaro Lodges & Tented Camps are located throughout the mainland of Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Morocco.

Perspectivity has been working with the Moivaro group since 2011, to help strengthen management capacity and team spirit.

Assignments include:

  1. Train and coach management in leadership, staff motivation and communication
  2. Train front office on communication and customer service
  3. Facilitate review of organisational set-up and development of vision, mission and core values

Developing a Shared Mission
To develop a shared mission, Perpectivity facilitated a workshop with management and marketing staff to explore core values and formulate a clear vision for the future. The Appreciative Inquiry approach was used to allow participants to explore underlying values for themselves, their work and the Moivaro group as a whole.

A draft was reviewed by the management team and discussed in several workshops. Currently a plan is developed how to share these with the rest of the organization. The staff will be invited to workshops to give their input and come up with ways to live the mission, vision and values in their daily work.

The process started in October 2011 and is still ongoing.

More information: Monique Janmaat