Capacity Building in Burundi

Perspectivity is subcontracted by The Hague Academy to lead an organisational capacity building programme of 2,5 years for four NGO’s in Burundi. The organizational capacity building is part of the Peace under Construction Programme by CARE-the Netherlands and The Hague Academy for Local Governance.

Appreciative Inquiry
The capacity building programme uses Appreciative Inquiry, to support the NGO’s in focussing on their own ambitions and building on what works well in their performance. The process will result in strategic plans for the organisations. Appreciative Inquiry has proven to motivate organisation members to strengthen their organisation, more than the classical problem solving approach and meeting standards that others impose on them. It calls for self-management and includes other stakeholders in the process.

Besides Appreciative Inquiry workshops, the NGO’s will also receive interactive trainings and guidance/coaching of self-learning groups on shared priorities: Strategic planning; Leadership; Governance; Project (and programme) design; Development of a system for monitoring and evaluation; Strengthening of Financial and Administrative management; HR performance management (policies); Communication with members / facilitation of meetings; Communication, through the internet; Advocacy; Gender.

The four NGO’s in Burundi are:

  • Mi-Parec: a well known strong local organisation in conflict management at community level with a clear vision.
  • Centre des Femmes pour la Paix (CFP): a small organisation but has profound experience in the capacity building of women groups and peacebuilding.
  • Jumelage des Jeunes de Burundi (JJB): active in the capacity development of youth.
  • FORSC: an umbrella organisation of more than 140 Burundi NGOs, experienced in advocacy and lobby.

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