CSR in the Chemical Sector and Underground Infrastructure Sector

CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland) works together with different sectors and companies to strive towards corporate social responsibility (CSR). Han Rakels teamed up with them to facilitate processes for International CSR in the chemical sector, similar to the process facilitated for the maritime sector last year, and for CSR’s Circular Economy project in the underground infrastructure sector.

For each of these two sectors, CSR Netherlands brought together a coalition of important stakeholders to work on the progress. For the underground infrastructure sector, this coalition consists of a group of companies that deal in one way of another with plastic and rubber in the underground infrastructure (such as cables and pipelines producers, utility providers, governmental and regulatory parties, a.o.). This initiative is part of the wider “circular economy” program of the Dutch CSR platform. In the chemical sector coalition, various representatives from large, small and medium-sized chemical companies partake. The project in the chemical sector is an initiative of CSR International.

Both processes are based on Appreciative Inquiry and included two-day summits in November. Of these summits, the following reports have been made: Chemical Sector & Underground Infrastructure Sector.

The aim of these processes was to develop a shared long-term vision and ambitions, and set-up pilot projects to achieve these long-term goals. The shared visions and ambitions can be found here: Chemical Sector & Underground Infrastructure Sector. These visions and ambitions and the progress of the sector projects will be presented at the national CSR event on the 21st of January in Amersfoort.

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