Embedding Energy Innovation in Dublin’s Inner City

Perspectivity has been helping Dublin City Council explore how to embed energy innovation into Irelands largest Strategic Development Zone (SDZ). The Dublin Docklands offers the greatest opportunities for investment in office and living spaces in the country and is situated on high value inner city development area. The nature of the SDZ offers the opportunity to shape the nature of the developments undertaken.

Of particular interest is the role of energy management in the zone and how to make it carbon neutral or even carbon positive.

Perspectivity designed and led a workshop with expert stakeholders where they explored ambitions for the zone (120 hectares of inner city development potential) and how those ambitions might be delivered. The group was made up of members of the Sustainable Energy Communities Project, an initiative that seeks to enable highest standards of energy performance in the buildings and communities of Dublin.

The outcome of the workshop is a series of highly ambitious goals for the area and the creation of a programme of implementation steps. Part of the emerging understanding among the group is the necessity for a values-led process that engages all stakeholders in the conversation, from financiers, to local residents, future tenants, architects, and city officials. This is truly a complex issue, but one that offers the promise of tantalizing potential for the city and country.

More information: contact Michael Donnelly