ICRA Wageningen plays the Food Challenge

Professionals involved in facilitating and coaching rural innovation from all over the world come to Wageningen to follow the ICRA ‘Facing Rural Innovation Challenges’ course.

Part of this course focuses on facilitation and negotiation in multi-stakeholder processes. This is when the Perspectivity Challenge Food Edition is played. The Food Game is a great match because of its agricultural theme and its emphasis on dialogue makes it a great exercise for the participants to practise their negotiation and communication skills.

Participants are challenged to collectively feed the hungry mouths of the world. They have to work together and communicate in order to achieve the best results. This does not come easy! If the factories of the participants produce too much, food is wasted and the health of the population is at risk, calling participants for additional investments. If the factories do not meet the global food demand, famine and unrest result. And what about the environmental disasters that occasionally hit the factories!