Leadership Training Zoological NGOs Tanzania

In 2013 Perspecitivity carried out a Leadership Training for the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) and its partners Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism in Tanzania.

The purpose of the training was to improve leadership capacity of the management of FZS and its partners in complex situations.

Monique Janmaat designed a program based on Experience: reflection – conceptualisation – and immediate application of new insights. The learning and development takes place at different levels – the person, the organization, and the system – which are included in every module. The training has two modules to cover the broad scope of the assignment.

  • Module 1: Self-Expression and Appreciative Understanding

In this module participants expressed one’s unique and pure authenticity; aiming to distinguish and excel in order to achieve something better than is available now. They developed the ability to take an appreciative understanding stance: suspending judgements and prejudice and listening openly with the aim to truly understand the other in order to discover common ground and expand it by embracing differences.

  • Module 2: Sustainable Development

The second module focussed on adopting a sustainable learning approach that guarantees its employees constant development and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

For more info: Monique Janmaat